Introduction to Spring Boot REST API

  • In previous chapter we got idea of spring boot basics and MVC. These days industry follows micro services design. I will explain this.

  • Micro services is implemented using rest web services.

  • In industrial projects first backend is developed where many services are written.

  • These services consumes data in format of XML or JSON and consumes as well in those format.

  • JSON and XML are language independent technologies. All languages use these technologies to communicate with other technologies.

JSON and XML are language independent technologies

  • Once backend is developed we have UI team which was working on prototype or wireframe in simple words they are working on presentation logic.

  • Backend developer needs to provide them endpoint for consume and produce a JSON and XML.

  • UI developers are expert in design and sending json or xml request to endpoints provided by backend developers and consuming xml or json responses and rendering them on html pages in required format.

  • Now we will look at how backend code is developed and same code we will test with spring boot test starter.

  • Remember in industry u need to test your code by yourself so we will write junit test cases as well.